Classic Diamond Grillz
[Custom-Fit] Gold Natural Diamond Grillz
Classic Diamond Grillz

Classic Diamond Grillz

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Easy to remove Laviticus Custom Gold Diamond Grillz (straight setting) fitted just for you. Free mold kit included! After your order, we'll send your mold kit right away with next day delivery, for you to take your teeth impression. Afterwards just send back to our office address provided on your shipping slip. Your custom grillz made by hand, will be mailed to you within 5-10 business days after you send back your mold kit.

This custom gold grillz is handcrafted in solid gold. If your Laviticus custom grillz is losing luster or fading away, we offer first class replating, polishing, and cleaning services, under our lifetime warranty.

Step 1: Choose Your Custom Grillz

Select between our wide selection of high quality custom Grillz from Solid to Diamond Dust.

Step 2: Mold Your Teeth From Home

Receive your complimentary molding kit and instructions via USPS. Complete molding Kit. Send molding kit back with the provided return label via USPS. 

Step 3: Receive Your Grillz 

After we receive your mold our designers will make your custom grillz. We will notify you with USPS tracking number upon completion. 

Questions? Live Chat with us now or shoot us an email at

*Percent gold in each karat*
10k Gold: 41.6%
14k Gold: 58.3%
18k Gold: 75.0%

10k Gold: least expensive and strongest against bending, but has less luster than higher karat options. 

14k Gold: Best for the value for a consumer on a budget. It has medium hardness, a bright luster and is durable. 

18k Gold: more expensive, has a very bright luster, and is very durable.

*PLEASE NOTE*: If you are missing any teeth or have any more customization request, please contact us directly. We'll work with you to get your custom grillz made!

14K VS 18K Gold: Which Karat Is Better?

Not all gold is created equal. In its pure form, gold is extremely soft and malleable: properties that do not allow custom jewelry to stand up well to daily wear. To solve this problem, professionally jewlers like ourselves alloy gold with other metals to increase its strength and resistance.

This is where 14k and 18k gold come into play. It’s a good idea to learn about the important differences between the two so that you can make the best choice for your jewlery piece.

Value and fashion considerations

Because of its greater percentage of gold, an 18k piece will be more expensive than one of 14k gold. However, in some cases, monetary value alone does not influence purchasing decisions. Others take history, circumstance, or sentimental value into consideration, too. Some also consider the look of the gold, as the higher the karat of the gold, the more yellow it appears.

18k yellow gold has a deeper yellow hue than 14k, 14K white gold has a stronger white color than 18k, 14k rose gold is more pink than 18K, and so on. Sometimes 14K is the better complement to the desired gems for the piece or just has a more appealing look.

Durability and lifestyle considerations

Because of its higher percentage of alloyed metals, 14k gold offers more resistance to wear and tear. Therefore, it is ideal for everyday use, and is the most popular choice for grillz, pendants, and and necklaces. Those with active lifestyles should definitely consider getting 14K gold jewelry because it holds up better in sports, manual labor, and other rigorous, regular activities.

18K gold jewelry is softer than 14K, and is typically considered a special occasion piece. You can expect to see more of 18K gold pieces at social events or on red carpets.

Karat popularity

Karat desirability varies from region to region. In the US, 14k gold is more dominant in the jewelry industry. Meanwhile, 18k gold is more popular in Europe and Asia.

How Do You Mold Them?

How Do You Mold Them?

Equipment Needed:

1 bag of Green Base Molding Agent

1 bag of White Catalyst Molding Agent

1 Tray

Molding Slip

Plastic Bag(s)


1.) Take green and white molds and mix together like play doh.

2.) Mix together well for 1 minute. The molding agent should be light green.

3.) Roll the putty into a sausage and put it in the tray.

4.) Quickly place in mouth, lift up your lip and put the tray straight over your mouth. After that, push the tray and putty onto your teeth. Make sure the putty covers your gum line and don't move the tray while waiting. Remember to bite hard and slow. 

5.) Set a timer for 6 minutes. After 6 minutes is up, slowly wiggle the tray lose and off of your teeth. To avoid ruining the mold, do not pull it straight down. Make sure the gum line shows.

6.) Place Mold in Plastic bag. Fill out the Molding Slip with your name and specifications for your grillz.

7.) Put the molds into bag and put that into a priority box and sent it back to us using the pre-paid label that came with your order.

* Open your mouth wide and when the mouthpiece is correctly placed under the your teeth then bite hard into the mouthpiece.

Make sure to bite down fully on the molding agent. A properly done mold will look similar to the image above.


***Live Chat with us now by pressing the message icon on the bottom right of your screen if you have any questions or customization request.***

What Is Diamond Clarity

What Is Diamond Clarity?


Diamond clarity is the assessment of small imperfections on the surface and within the stone. Surface flaws are called blemishes, while internal defects are known as inclusions. In most cases, a diamond’s beauty is not affected by these in any way since most inclusions can’t be seen with the naked eye. When referring to inclusions, gemologists often use the term “internal characteristics” instead of flaws. Internal characteristics are what give a natural diamond its character. It’s also important to note that diamonds with the fewest and smallest inclusions receive the highest clarity grades—and higher price tags to reflect that.


Remember, all diamonds are unique, not perfect. They are made underground through enormous pressure and heat. Natural inclusions and blemishes are inevitable.


Quick Clarity Tips


There are many misconceptions around the clarity of diamonds, including the belief that you need to buy a high clarity grade to avoid seeing imperfections. Another common falsehood is that a higher clarity grade results in more sparkle. Neither of these is true! Here are some tips to get you started on your diamond search:


The term “eye clean” means that the diamond’s inclusions are too small to see without magnification.


A good place to start your search and maximize your budget is with Slightly Included (SI) and Very Slightly Included (VS) grades because inclusions will not be readily noticeable without magnification.


Diamond shape and size affect clarity. While clarity is less important than a diamond’s cut or color, if you are buying a diamond over one carat or considering certain fancy-shaped diamonds (like an emerald or Asscher cut where flaws are more visible), you may want to spend more for a higher clarity grade.


Diamond clarity is an important characteristic that affects a diamond’s beauty. Like all of the 4Cs, diamond clarity is an important consideration when buying a diamond. While clarity affects price, there are a number of factors that can help you decide which clarity grade is right for you.


Diamond Clarity Spans 6 Categories With A Total Of 11 Clarity Grades


In 1953, Richard T. Liddicoat and colleagues established the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) diamond grading system and clarity scale. The GIA diamond grading scale is divided into 6 categories and 11 diamond clarity grades.


I1, I2, I3 Included Diamonds


I clarity diamonds have obvious inclusions that are likely to be visible and impact beauty


Laviticus does not sell I clarity grade loose diamonds for custom or stock jewelry.


SI1, SI2 Slightly Included (SI) Diamonds


Inclusions are noticeable at 10x magnification


If eye clean, SI diamonds are often the best value


SI2 inclusions may be detectable to a keen unaided eye, especially when viewed from the side


VS1, VS2 Very Slightly Included (VS) Diamonds


Minor inclusions ranging from difficult (VS1) to somewhat easy (VS2) to see at 10x magnification


Great value; Laviticus most popular diamond clarity


VVS1, VVS2 Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS) Diamonds


VVS diamonds have minuscule inclusions that are difficult even for trained eyes to see under 10x magnification


VVS clarity is rare and results in an eye clean appearance


Characteristics are minuscule and difficult to see under 10x magnification, even to a trained eye


Internally Flawless (IF) Diamonds


Some small surface blemishes may be visible under a microscope on IF diamonds


IF diamonds have no

No internal or external characteristics


Less than 1% of all diamonds are FL clarity


A flawless diamond is incredibly rare because it’s nearly impossible to find a diamond 100% free of inclusions


The Five Diamond Clarity Factors


Size: The larger or more noticeable a characteristic, the lower the likely clarity grade.


Number: This is the number of easily seen characteristics. Having fewer characteristics means a higher clarity grade.


Position: What is the position of any given characteristic? Is it under the table (most visible) and close to a pavilion? This position turns inclusions into reflectors, which have a bigger impact on the clarity grade.


Nature: The nature of a diamond characteristic relates to the type of inclusion and its impact on durability.


Color and relief: Color and relief are essentially a measure of how easily a characteristic is seen, or how much contrast there is between the characteristic and surrounding diamond.


Why SI Diamonds And VS Diamonds Are The Best Value


While the extremely rare Flawless (FL) or Internally Flawless (IF) diamonds are the highest quality diamond clarity, you may want to consider a diamond that won’t break the bank. For the best value, select a diamond with inclusions that can’t be seen through the crown without magnification (also known as eye clean diamonds), like a diamond with an SI or VS clarity grade. These diamonds are much less expensive and look the same as the higher grades, visually.


Diamond Shape


Some diamond shapes require a higher clarity grade than others. Emerald and Asscher-shaped diamonds (referred to as step cut) are designed with rectangular facets that emphasize transparency and let you see farther down into the diamond, which can make inclusions more visible. For these diamond shapes, choose a clarity grade of VS1 or better to ensure that the inclusions will not be visible.


Conversely, round, princess, oval, marquise, pear, and heart-shaped diamonds may not require as high of a clarity grade. Cut with a brilliant facet pattern, which reflects light from many different angles, these shapes naturally hide many inclusions.


Diamond Size


As diamond size increases, the size of the facets (the multiple mirror-like surfaces on the diamond) become more abundant. This can make inclusions more visible. Be sure to prioritize a higher clarity grade as the size of your diamond goes up.


The Diamond Clarity Plot


Clarity plots are diagrams that show the location of clarity characteristics—mapping the blemishes on a diamond’s surface and the inclusions within a diamond’s interior. The inclusions are identified by a certified diamond grader using a device with 10x magnification.



There Are Many Different Types Of Diamond Inclusions And Blemishes


If you find the whole topic of internal and external diamond characteristics as fascinating as we do, take a deep dive and learn more about the various types of inclusions and blemishes in your diamond of interest.


Types Of Diamond Inclusions






Crystals or minerals








Internal graining


Types Of Blemish Examples:


Polish lines












Dark or light spots


Shop Laviticus Diamonds By Clarity Grade


At Laviticus, we offer the highest quality diamonds and deliver the best value for your budget. If you're shopping for a diamond ring or other diamond jewelry, we offer the following diamond clarity.


Slightly Included Diamonds


VVS Diamonds (Excellent Quality)


VS & SI Diamonds (Best Value & Most Popular)

Free Shipping With Insurance


  • We ship via USPS within 24 business hours after completing an order. We are closed on weekends and federal holidays. The buyer will receive an email with a tracking number once the order has shipped.
  • Standard shipping prices are as follows:
    • USPS Priority - 3-5 days Free
    • USPS Expedited- 1-2 days $19.99
  • The buyer must provide a valid shipping address. Packages that are returned back to us due to an invalid address can be reshipped at customers’ expense or refunded less the shipping charges.



  • You can view our most updated international shipping quotes during checkout or contact us for more information. 
  • Buyers are responsible for customs duties, taxes, and other regional charges and are not included in our shipping charge. 
    • Packages returned back to us due to non-payment of import duties can be reshipped at customers’ expense or refunded less the shipping charges. 
  • We currently offer international shipping to US APOs/FPOs, as well as the following countries: 

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

Lifetime Warranty Info

We make quality that lasts a lifetime and stand behind the quality for life. Our warranty is often imitated, but never duplicated.

• Free Maintenance/Repair Work

• Free Resizing

• Free Cleaning and Polishing

• Free Inspections

• Free Lost Stone Replacement

**To keep your Lifetime Warranty active, send to us for a cleaning and inspection approximately every 6 months. We will inspect, clean, polish and maintain your jewelry for free for as long as you own it. Cleaning ensures that your fine jewelry is always looking exceptional and inspection ensures your jewelry is protected and ready for everyday wear.

We guarantee:

• All-custom jewelry made entirely of gold, platinum or silver

• All merchandise made of gold platinum or silver that contains diamonds, cz zirconia, sapphires, and semiprecious gemstones

• All merchandise containing cultured pearls

What's excluded:

• Lost, stolen or abused jewelry

• Jewelry that can't be reworked to look like new (like stainless steel)

• Free resizing of rings made with metals that can't be resized, like cobalt, titanium, zirconium, meteorite, and Damascus steel

If your Laviticus jewelry is stolen, and you provide a police report describing the stolen jewelry, you will be able to purchase replacement jewelry at a discount. We have no desire to profit from your loss. 

We recommend that you insure your jewelry against theft and total loss. If your insurance agency would prefer an appraisal on their own form, please bring in their form, the appraisal and the article of jewelry. We will be glad to complete their form free of charge.

Merchandise will not be guaranteed if it has been abused or worn out of expectations for normal, everyday wear. Examples include garbage disposal mishaps and accidental run-ins with your car tire and driveway.

Jewelry not capable of being reworked to look like new is not eligible for our Lifetime Warranty. This includes non-precious materials and metals, like leather, rubber, stainless steel, carbon fiber and tungsten.

In the event a gemstone is lost from your jewelry due to normal wear and tear, we will replace that stone as long as your warranty is valid showing cleaning and inspection records in approximately the last 6 months.

Lifetime warranties are nontransferable to a third party unless gifted within a family.

Simply Free Cleaning and Inspection:

• Unlimited free cleanings and inspections to maintain your warranty

• Always at your convenience and done while you wait

To keep your lifetime warranty active, please visit for a cleaning and inspection approximately every 6 months. You are welcome to send your True Adonis jewelry to our home office at any time for inspection, cleaning, or any other maintenance it may need.


Upon your request for a cleaning and inspection, a Laviticus professional will clean your merchandise using an ultrasonic cleaner (when appropriate) which contains a chemical cleaning solution, a steamer, and/or polishing cloth. Feel free to watch this process through the window of the cleaning and inspection station. Next, your merchandise will be professionally inspected, and your visit will be recorded in our system. Depending on the result of your inspection, a recommendation for maintenance or repair may be made, which will require additional time in the shop.

A cleaning and inspection approximately every 6 months is required to ensure preventative maintenance is performed at the appropriate time. Also, a cleaning ensures your merchandise is always presented at its best as you wear it.

30 Day Returns & Refunds

RETURNS & REFUNDS POLICY At Laviticus, customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you. TO START A RETURN *Please call us at (972) 643-8653 or email with your order number and a brief description of the return.*

 CUSTOM GRILLZ (MADE TO ORDER): Customers are responsible for providing us with a good mold impression. Our grillz are custom made to exactly fit the impressions we receive. Before we make your grillz, you can request a refund within 60 days of your purchase. Refunds will only be processed back to your original payment method. If you chose to cancel your order before sending back your molds, you will be refunded minus the shipping cost and $20 per mold kit set. If you chose to cancel your order after sending back your mold impressions, there is a 20% cancellation fee deducted from your refund. Shipping fees are non-refundable. All sales on custom-fitted grillz are final once we begin production. Upon receiving the completed custom grill, you have seven days to notify us of any fitting issues or defects. We provide one free adjustment within this period. Additional adjustments will incur a $70 fee, which includes another mold kit sent to you with shipping and insurance. Free adjustments are not available for any handset iced out grillz. Each piece is custom made to order based on the impressions.

 CUSTOM JEWELRY (MADE TO ORDER): For custom designs, there is a non-refundable $200 deposit as a design fee that will apply towards the total purchase amount. Once the final design is confirmed by you, there are no returns or refunds on custom jewelry.

Workmanship Review

This inspection procedure checks that your jewelry conforms to your specifications and is free from manufacturing defects. A workmanship review will typically check for such issues as:

Scratches, dents or excessive solder/glue

Missing parts, improper fit of stones or other components

Poor fit/finish, mismatched colors, misaligned patterns/labels

Sharp edges or points, frayed or exposed wires, poorly made repairs

Poor symmetry or misalignment of components.

[Custom-Fit] Gold Natural Diamond Grillz
Classic Diamond Grillz
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Peter R.
United States United States

Great overall experience!

Shipping took a little longer but I think its because I live in Canada, grill took about 5 days to get here after they finished it. Really happy with my product! Would be 5 stars if it came in sooner.

Matthew D.
United States United States

wanted theses forever!

******* child hood dream come true. Fits tight but I'm guessing that is a great thing

Riley Y.
United States United States

Best in the business!

THESE GUYS ARE THE BEST! fit perfectly the first time and got them in amazingly fast! Very comfortable, don't even know they are there after having in for a little bit. Can't recommend Laviticus enough! Will definitely be purchasing some different styles as soon as this **** storm virus blows over.

Jason T.
United States United States

never going anywhere else!

Erin was incredibly communicative and was able to handle some customization of my item. His turnaround time was astonishing and the quality of goods is really incredible. These were well worth the price and I would purchase other products from Erin just because of his high level of customer service!

Stina M.
United States United States

got me looking fine!

Wow! The bottom 8 grill that I just received is PERFECT! The fit is precisely matching my own. I was a bit worried because my teeth are hella bad, crooked & a couple are missing. This grill feels like my own teeth! I’ll add my before/after pics soon... thank you Erin for giving me my smile back!!! My next purchase will be for the top!

Galvin S.
United States United States

won't be my last!

Big Shout-out to my boy Erin purchased my top and came back 3 weeks later for my bottoms mouth shining like eh MF!!! Took a while to get but def worth the wait!!! Shop with Erin won't be disappointed!!! Bling! bow!

Ronney W.
United States United States

can't wait to get my bottom 10

These are quality made grillz that fit perfect and arent flimsy. It took around 2 weeks to come. The price is unbeatable. I have had grillz once before but they dont compare to these. I would definitely recommend this shop and look forward to getting a my bottom 10s.

Micheal G.
United States United States

unbeatable pricing with financing!

Unbeatable price and great quality ‼️ Can’t wait to order my top set , Thanks for the fast delivery.

Martin D.
United States United States

Craftsmanship on point!

Precision work, grills fit perfectly, craftsmanship is on point!

Erin Z.

Finance wears everyday!

Bought this for my fiancé for his 30th birthday after he told me last year he had always wanted a gold chain because his grandpa wore one. I searched the internet for the best quality and prices and this was definitely it! Solid gold, beautiful, well made and he LOVES it! I will buy gold from Laviticus in the future- shipping was fast and safe and my fiancé couldn’t have been more excited about the mariner’s link (his family is from the Caribbean) and the length of the chain. Best deal you can get! 10/10!

Shone E.
United States United States

Love theses guys

From start to finish best customer service ive ever had last grill i purchased from another company took 2 months and acted as i was annoying them for asking when my griil will be finished got email said it was being shipped but really wasnt till a week after lol anyways nicest detailed deep cut ive seen fits perfect and finished withn a week if you want good quality go with Laviticus and much thicker than my 10k white gold from other company

Raye U.

Wish I got bigger size.

I liked just Really Wished it was a little thicker. I got the 2.0 MM but I Should have gotten the 2.5 MM it would have been Perfect! Otherwise I really like the necklace.

Josh N.

My go to piece now!

Wear it to work everyday, lots of people staring at my neck haha it’s beautiful thank you, well worth the money

Tevin M.
United States United States

Telling anyone who ask shop laviticus!

Well worth my money would recommend this company to all my friends & peers, they respond quick and hold themself accountable to making sure your order is perfected & on time.


Wolf Gang

Love it! Love it! Love it! I will be ordering again from Laviticus. Very well made and very quick shipping especially during a time of crisis. Thank you and I hope your business can continue to prosper during this crisis. Stay safe and healthy!

Mo P.

Just perfect!

Exactly what I wanted for my gold pendant. I decided to trust the reviews and I’m glad I did. Will be ordering from this shop again. This is the 22” 2.5mm.

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