Lifetime Warranty

Extended Service Plan

At Laviticus, we hold our jewelry to high-quality standards. Therefore, we offer a free lifetime warranty with each piece of jewelry through our Extended Service Plan. Our Extended Service Plan includes repairs, resizing, cleaning, polishing, inspections, and lost stone replacement.


Lifetime Diamond and Gemstone Guarantee

We will inspect, clean, polish, and maintain your jewelry for free for as long as you own it. You are welcome to send your Laviticus jewelry to our home office at any time for inspection, cleaning, or any other maintenance it may need.


Upon your request for cleaning and inspection, a Laviticus professional will clean your merchandise using an ultrasonic cleaner (when appropriate), which contains a chemical cleaning solution, a steamer, and/or polishing cloth. Next, your merchandise will be professionally inspected, and your visit will be recorded in our system. Depending on the result of your inspection, a recommendation for maintenance or repair may be made which will require additional time in the shop.

What's Excluded:

  • Lost, stolen, or abused jewelry
  • Jewelry that can not be reworked to look like new (like stainless steel)
  • Free resizing of rings made with metals that can't be resized (like cobalt, titanium, zirconium, meteorite, and Damascus steel)

If your Laviticus jewelry is stolen and you provide a police report describing the stolen jewelry, you will be able to purchase replacement jewelry at a discount. We have no desire to profit from your loss. 

We recommend that you insure your jewelry against theft and total loss. If your insurance agency would prefer an appraisal on their form, please bring in their form, the appraisal, and the article of jewelry. We will be glad to complete their form free of charge.

If a gemstone is lost from your jewelry due to normal wear and tear, we will replace that stone as long as your warranty is valid, displaying cleaning and inspection records in approximately the last 6 months.

Lifetime warranties are non-transferable to a third party unless gifted within your direct family.

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