Custom Grillz

Having a pair of gold teeth is a necessity in modern-day hip-hop fashion. Whether you’re looking for diamond dust, deep cuts, or evendiamond grillz, adding some gold and shine to your mouth is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd.Grillz are an excellent way to complement nearly any outfit whether it is for a special occasion or everyday wear. At Laviticus, we offer the most astonishing grillz that no one will forget. 

Laviticus grillz are admired by hip-hop jewelry heads and streetwear fashion enthusiasts that desire to look as good as they feel. Our master jewelers designed all our custom diamond, gold, and silver grillz to flawlessly reflect your style ensuring you look good and feel good. We take pride in producing the highest quality jewelry, so all Laviticus jewelry is handcrafted from real premium materials such as 10k/14k/18k gold, sterling silver, and Cz/Si/Vs/Vvs diamonds.  Browse our collections of custom grillz orcontact us to turn your dream grill into a reality.

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