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July 06, 2020 5 min read

Since ancient past till the date mankind is found flaunting their embellishing heavy accessories also include different types of necklaces.  Now it's more about following trends than enhance beauty. If your fashion is trending you are the rock star in your circle. Otherwise, your mates will put your nickname "oldie".....

    Confused! Just joking. But still, there is partial truth a trendy elegant accessory likelong pendant necklacemakes your presence gorgeous by giving a royal look. At the same time, your choice to go with the trend for exceptionally strikingpendant design fromLaviticuswill be appreciated.

    We offer an array of variety forpendant necklaceat a cost-effective price for both men and women

    Pendants dangle from chain or rope are usually well-liked by men. Let's start with the assortment withtypes of pendants for men.
    The hugely popularised pendants for men include

    Dog tags

    While shop forGold Pendants with a change in length you need to consider polished pieces to two-tone pendants. Diamond encrustedsmall pendants andgold pendant with classic design, no jewellery look, that a man will love to put on

    dangling from a neck chain. Our exotic collection contains gems of every hue of speckled. 

    Check Latest Collection ofGold Pendants 

    Tribal inspired pendant

    To add on additional style to your men's personality considers not only the load on the quantity of chain also laid some weight on the glorious pendant. Epic tribal pendant styles make you feel like a meander through an exotic outlying destination to daring and bright Diamond Pendants. Add elegant features to the necklace bizarre carved bone, tiger eye, tortoise style, abstract design, and more you will find to spin your head.
    Cross pendent

    Diamond and sapphire cross pendant collection is finely crafted and goes brilliantly with your modish look. Probably this is the most popular pendant across the world. You will find no match compare to our blue princess cut and radiant cut cross pendant in rose gold.

    Laviticus Popular Cross Pendant

    Laviticus 14K Gold Cutout Cross Pendant

    Laviticus 14k Cross Pendant With Diamond

    Laviticus Selene Cross Pendant

    Laviticus Bezel Set Cross Pendant with Chain 

    Laviticus Nova Point Diamond

    Include differentlocket pendant andtypes of the necklace to your collection that you can boast of

    Necklaces and pendants are the most obviousjewellery designs for women to flaunt their prettiness. Laviticus tender a good number of them which can heighten your facade more than your expectation. Take a look at the variety that will surely astonish you.
              Collar Necklace

    1. Collar Necklace

      The necklace encircles your neckline around the collar region and complement your overall appearance. The length of thelarger pendants fitted with the necklace is mostly irremovable and comes with the length between 12 to 13 inches. You can try this jewellery design when dressing with off the shoulder garments, or V necks, and turtle neck. 

      Large Electric Plug Pendant Laviticus

      hoker Necklace

    2. Choker Necklace

      As its name implies the necklace comes with the pattern and worn close to the neck. The jewellery style is the right fit for both western and traditional apparel. Go gorgeous with the high profilejewellery design from Laviticus. Date night with your partner or party with colleagues spark the event with the piece of extremely fashionable accessories when dwelling in saree or floor-length gown. 

      Bib Necklace

      14k Gold Soccer Cleat Shoe Pendant
    3. Bib Necklace

      You can keep your remaining attire simple still embraced the most modern chic with this style of necklace. You can dare to create your fashion statement holding yourself in traditional with these beads, pearls, or gems studded circular or triangular frame. 

      14k Gold Diamond Bitcoin Pendant Laviticus

      Thread necklace

    4. Thread necklace

      The multicolour thread tied together with knot gives you a super stylish appearance. Thread necklace usually comes without pendant orSilver pendants in groups of small to bigpendant styles.You can try any traditional outfit with the gorgeousjewellery style.

      Multi string Necklace

    5. Multi string Necklace

      The style can go perfect with any casual attire and transform the simple look of the wearer which ends up a greater chance that you become the center of attraction in beach parties’ casual hangout with buddies. 

      Princess Necklace

    6. Princess Necklace

      I found most women have a craze for the one when attending ceremonies with decent apparel.  Thegold pendant ordiamond pendent in multihued gems enhances the imperial feeling within you. Princess necklace crusted with shimmering vibrant gems display fancy shapes and come down the neckline to a central drop.

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      Plastron Necklace

    7. Plastron Necklace
      This solid necklace can be perfectly combined with your modern-chic look for an evening party. You can style out this necklace with a long top or indo-western outfit.

      Lariat Necklace
    8. Lariat Necklace
      A good combination with your low neckline gown or western apparel. It is a perfect blend of modern locket pendant with a traditional necklace and twists your look with its dainty design. The specialty of this long pendant necklace is they are crossed, looped, over, or knotted.

      Festoon necklace
    9. Festoon necklace
      The vintage approach of garland consists of flowers and leaves are the inspiration for this particular type. Looking back to the history of pendants and necklaces it was popularised during the Victorian and Art Nouveau era. The design has undergone many changes and evolved as one of the favourite jewellery design. Metal bindings, precious stones, beads, and drapes of chain give this universally complementary appearance.

      Graduated Necklace
    10. Graduated Necklace
      The terms itself expresses increasing and decreasing size in gradual. The necklace adapts small design at the back part and gradually the largest towards the front. You can flaunt your beauty with this imagistic jewellery design studded with diamonds on and other gems.

      Lavaliere necklace
    11. Lavaliere necklace
      The vibrant necklace with exquisite decoration catered around magnificent gold and diamond pendant. It stands out from the others in its group as its chandelier type drop in the front.

      Locket Necklace
    12. Locket Necklace
      If you want to keep your sweetheart close to your heart what could be the better choice to gift a gold pendant in which you can hoard the memento of your loved one. Passed down through generations the unique jewellery style seems never out of trend.
    1. Our pendants in style?
      Yes of course over the course of time the size of the elegant attachment with a thick or thin necklace or the chain has reigned ultimate and occupy a significant place in jewellery fashion. Not only women but men can exhibit their heroism with the types of pendants for men.

    2. Which are the best pendants for women?

      i. Alphabetdiamond pendant studded with gems with the initial of their name or beloved. 
      ii. Sterlingsilver pendant with flower Guardian Angel.
      iii. Loveheart pendant silver-tone or rose gold with neck chain
      iv. Gold plated cubic zirconium pendant necklace
      v. Shell tree of life
      vi. Cube memorial ashes necklace
      vii. Silver or gold turtle pendant

      Apart from these many varieties, you can find it in our online store. Grab the offer before your neighbour wins the game to steal the glance at the next party. Shop online and enjoy the best offers with competitive prices for the most genuine accessories from the house of Laviticus.

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