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June 22, 2020 4 min read

Grillzs are dental accessories carved out of gold, silver, diamond dust, or other expensive and less expensive metals.Rappers who wear Gold grillz came to trend during the early 8o's through Hip-hop artist Raheem the Dream and kilo Ali. 

No matter how gorgeous your white teeth flash the smile on your face. Derived from thousand years back customs The precious gold, silver, and diamond grillzs are popularised and used not only for medical purposes but aesthetics.

Initially wore by the hip-hop artist but spiked through 2005 when the hip hop star Nelly collab with Paul Wall and recorded "Grillz" a poetic homage to profligate tooth cover. Crossing the frontier of African and American provinces Grillz smile is flashing in Asian provinces. People realize getting gold teeth are part of self-expression just like other jewellery displayed by celebrities. Nowadays rappers and non-rappers, celebs, or mass are found catching the attention of media through their expensive dental accessories.

You can getpre-made grillz with no teeth impression required. It's of the standard size I size for all comparatively cheap. Or you can consider customize gold grillz, specially shaped for your teeth for an appropriate fit.  All you need is to choose the design from our array range of model teeth or rappers goldgrillz and send us your teeth impression. Getting the impression is simple. Either we can ship you the DIY mould kit or you can visit the nearest dentist to get the one and send us. You can have single teeth cover or full set at the most competitive price. We will prepare the customized gold grillz as per your requirement and ship you. Laviticus provides you hassle-free online shopping of quality grills that fit right on your teeth.  No shortage of style and variety in material make it worth.

Read Difference BetweenPremade Grillz & Custom Gold Grillz 


Here are some of the reasons why Laviticus gold grillzs are the favorite choice of grillzs user. 

  • One doesn't need to worry about fracturing if he has a gold cover on his teeth.
  • The non-toxic features of gold never cause any harm to your surrounds teeth or gum.
  • Least chance of eroding. 
  • Gold is malleable so it can be shaped easily in any form without breaking.
  • It is one of the valuable metal and safe to consider putting our teeth through.

The reason whyrappers wear gold grillz will blow your mind.

Sometimes do you wonder whyrappers wear gold grillz? Is that only for the cool look!! No, not that is the only reason. Gold grillz are the status and pride symbol. It is popularised by the rappers but derived from ancient Mayans who were habituated to drill jade. The super-wealthy civilization from Italy was fond of showing  their affluences through the expensive dental ornament. 

Eddie Plein, founder of Eddie’s Gold Teeth, the pioneer of gold teeth trend in New York. He designed gold caps for Flavor Flav, Big Daddy Kane, and Kool G.Rap. Later he has created more exclusive gold grillz for rappers Ludacris, Lil Jon, Outkast, and more. You may sick and bored of your same look every day and wan a try something attractive to catch the attention of folks. Wait let’s take a tour to some amazing celebs establish their charisma. This will clear Why you must experience cool looks likerappers who wear grillz at least once in your lifetime.

  1. Lil Wayne    

    Lil WayneI wonder if we have ever seen the famed rapper for the song lollipop without his gold and diamond-encrusted grillz look. In one of his talk, he revealed he had to undergo dental surgery to get a diamond crusted look. He also mentioned he spoiled his teeth due to extreme sweet eating habits.

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  2. T- Pain

    Gold teeth seem to become an inseparable part of his personality since he was clicked flashing his gold grillz. Apart from aesthetic his Grillz helped him get better from the gold cart accident. He was also nominated for Choice Grillz Award at Kids Choice Award Event. The rapper can be recognized from miles distance for his gold teeth smile

  3. Chris Brown

    Chris Brown
    We know this rapper for two significant parts of his life- drama in his relationship and gold grillz look. He was spotted wearing a full set of gold teeth while setting out during a night out in Hollywood.

  4. Ludacris


    He was caught in grillz look for his song "Southern Hospitality” in a music video. This look might have confused his admirers as he doesn’t have permanent gold teeth.

  5. Flavoe Flav

    Flavoe Flav
    He is considered as the pioneer of gold grillz and set the trend as his trademark. I wonder any of his fans had the chance to have a glimpse of his real teeth ever since he is clicked with his permanent gold teeth.

  6. Jay- Z

    Jay- Z
    The rapper wore gold teeth since the beginning of his career. However, remove them later.

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  7. Paul Wall

    Paul Wall
    He is famous for customizing gold grillz for industry top rappers and Hollywood celebrities like G.Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Flavor Flav, and many more. He is a famed rapper and a grillz fanatic. He has a classy collection of gold and diamond dental accessories. He has been featured by another top-notch rapper Nelly in his song Grillz". Here Nelly said, "call me George Foreman cuz I'm selling everybody grillz" and who not understood it was a reference to Paul Wall.

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  8. Kanye

    This renowned rapper has an exclusive set of gold grillzwith a diamond setting for the expensive upgrade of his previous set of gold grillz.

  9. Nelly

    He was rightly called the inspiration behind the whole grillz movement. And the approach initiated with his extremely
    popular song “Grillz ” in 2005. In it, he featured the pioneer of grills Paul Wall, Ali, and Gip. The song reached the top position on Billboard's Hot 100 and remained in the same for the rest of the year.

    In Laviticus we create customize gold and diamond crust grillz that you can get from the comfort of your home. Just reach us to get more details.

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