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August 12, 2020 5 min read

Just like I do you might follow your favorite rapper through social media. A few days back a wired question was haunting me that was- Why do rappers wear chains? What’s the secret behind the rappers most expensive chain? I did some research to get out of curiosity and now going to reveal the truth about rappers most expensive chain in 2020.

rappers wearing chains

What I came out with is rappers wear pricey chains often made of gold to have an advantage to stand-in to. The rappers wearing chains was not an essential element in the first-generation rapper. But with the passing time, it became a style element of Hip-hop culture. During the time of crisis, the rappers keep the expensive chains for sale and the gold chain can realize it’s a cost in a critical moment.

Here are 7 quick tips about rappers most expensive chain and reason for buying Cuban link chain

  • Pop-culture is a lot about flashiness. Nobody will easily believe that they have made it until the rappers show off with some expensive belongings like Gold Chains In Hip Hop culture to steal the limelight. And most of their expensive belongings are some or the other ways custom made to appear rich to create the image of the trendsetter.
  • Some of the cliques accept as true, wearing the most expensive Cuban chain reflects their attitude, achievement in the domain, hard work, happiness, and prosperity.
  • From their statements from time to time, it is illustrated how important is wearing a gold chain for the rappers glorify hip-hop industry. If they have created marvelous lyrics and won the hearts of many with their singing the producer will give a shining gold chain as a sign of celebration.
  • If they are in a need of cash, they can easily liquidate gold jewellery.
  • Often we get the news of rappers are arrested and put into prison. Police can snatch or seize their properties but can't snatch their personal belongings, accessories, or jewels. During this situation, rappers can utilize its most expensive rapper chain.

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Which rappers have the most expensive chain?

Believed by the celebrities belong to hip-hop culture blinged-out expensive jewelry demonstrates how far an artist has moved in the path of accumulating wealth. Competition always goes on between the rappers to flaunt the biggest, best, and expensive rappers chains.

So the Most expensive rappers wearing chains fashion keep changing from time to time. But this antagonism has always resulted in the creation of some exclusive and absurd piece of ornaments over the years and sometimes even overshadow the music itself. If the expensive chains for sale surely they would fetch the rappers a big deal in terms of wealth.

Here’s a listing of Most expensive rappers chain of 2020

  1. Lil Jon’s Crunk Ain’t Dead chain worth $500,000

The rapper make a big earn from music industries and now showing his rich with outrageously expensive chain. The King of Crunk himself owned this jewellery piece which breaks the world record of the biggest pendant ever. Made of 18 carats yellow and white gold and approx 3756 round cut white diamonds the pendant weighs nearly 5 pounds. The rapper's gold chains weigh approx 2.3kg. The renowned jewel is tagged as one of the most precious belongings of the rapper.

Lil Jon is often found flaunting the unique piece on his neck but mostly found holding the pendant on his hand probably to get rid of neck pain. If you wish to flaunt Miami Cuban Link Chains, Tennis Chains, Rope Chains, Franco Chains get one from us with a guarantee of quality material.

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  1. T-Pain flaunting Big Ass Chain worth $410,000

I just can’t imagine this type of strange piece of jewellery to remain unnoticed. It is a huge chain iced out with a pendant read as Big Ass Chain. It seems like the big ass joke was around his neck

  1. Slick Rick’s huge justice scale chain worth $250, 000

Slick Rick is a big name in the rap industry for his storytelling dexterity. But that's not only about the classy performer. He often comes under limelight because of his ostentatious lifestyle and flamboyant jewellery, and most expensive diamond chains.

The hip-hop hero makes an exclusive appearance with specially designed gold chains. To stand out of the crowd the style icon used to style with countless necklaces, rings, and chains back in the 80s. But none of that sum up to his justice scale chain medallion so far.

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  1. Kanye West spotted with Horus Chain valued $300,000

The rapper was spotted performing in 2010 BET with a rocking huge chain. Especially the massive pendant in respect of Roman god Horus and four-finger pyramid to match with rappers gold chains. This is controversial jewellery made by Jacob & Co. The piece of art is considered as iconic jewellery that best suits Kanye West’s personality. Latest News about kanye West Does Wearing Grillz and Chains Cause Good Fortune for Kanye West? Will Election 2020 in the USA be in Favor of Kayne?

  1. Rick Ross’s Rick Ross chain worth $1,500,000.

About one and a half million dollars! Does it worth it? A small country could be brought against the most expensive rapper chain 2020. Not only the most expensive but ludicrous too.

The novel piece was a facsimile of Rick's face and laudable of a standing ovation from jewel lovers. The rappers with gold chains are clicked and make a statement which is un comparable till the time.

  1. Cam’ron’s Harlem spinning world chain worth $250, 000

The rapper with gold chains and spinning world pendant featured a battery power mini globe that spin round and round worth noticing.

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  1. Ratatouille chain of Quavo worth $250,000

Aah! What could be the better weapon than to blind the enemy with diamond dazzle. Quavo took the fashion of “ Bad and Boujee” to new extreme few years back when he custom-made a unique style rappers diamond chains with pendant enthused by Pixar reference in their hit single “Still be playin’ with pots and pans, call me Quavo Ratatouille.”

Disney culture, the white gold pendant is covered from top to bottom with VVS white diamonds.

  1. Ice Pick chain of Method Man worth $25,000

I heard somebody says it's a murder weapon.... jokes apart....Before the pricey jewellery turns out to be hip-hop tradition, Method-man commissioned this striking pendant.

The deadly potential of the expensive bling makes sense when the star laid down killer rhymes over the years.

  1. Gucci Mane’s Twin partner chain worth $500,000

The 165-carat piece is fashioned by Diamond Club Miami but created by Gucci himself. Demonstrating two panthers on either side connecting three diamond chains.

The rapper's diamond chains have 1800 diamonds in the panthers and approx 2800 in the entire chain.

  1. Cuban link chain worth $200,000

Probably the most expensive Cuban chain is possessing simple features except one. And that is different from Gold Chains In Hip Hop culture it has unusual length, but not extravagant as Kanye West’s Horus Chain.

The list continues as the industries with a good number of rappers are evolving by the time.

    • Lil Uzi Vert’s Marilyn Manson Chain worth $220,000
    • Yung Berg’s Transformer chain worth $70,000
    • Diddy’s diamond-encrusted chain is worth half a million-dollar and lots more.

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