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Smart Tips for Buying Cuban Link Chain

Quality is the key undoubtedly. But the budget also matters …right? If you think so don't let it drive your mind to compromise with the poor quality. It's ok if you tilt towards 10k ……Lower purity doesn't always come with worse craftsmanship. The Cuban link jewellery is the most versatile necklace available in all types of gold karat and design.

How to choose the Cuban Link Chain? Will no more be a difficult task if you go with our recommendation for the tips for buying the Cuban link chain.

What size Cuban Link should I get?

The next important point to consider after quality. But it completely depends on your likings and your outlook. Is it to impress your girlfriend? Or envy your neighbor and colleague. Just kidding. You think do you want to look cool like the hip hop star Jay Z, Rick ross or Kanye West?

We have our regular customer put their foot on the same boot. I found youngsters mostly look for a Miami Cuban link chain excess of 10 pounds and crazy about chain thickness for the pendant. It’s required when you have a desire for a big uncommon design pendant.

If you also aim to have like the celebrities' ridicules or fancy pendants like Slick Rick’s Justice scale chain or T – Pains Big ass chain, we have sort of excellent collection for the Miami Cuban Link Chain. Believe me, it’s really difficult to choose one from all.

Though it depends on your taste we suggest you try multiple Miami Cuban link chains instead of hanging with only one of a kilo from your neck.

  • Width is available in variation between 8 to 12 mm for man. Women can also opt for the Miami Cuban link chain with a thickness between 5 to 8 mm.
  • Length is variable from 18 to 22 inches normally and that can answer for your question What size Cuban Link should I get?
  • Women generally prefer 16 to 18 inches. Custom jewelry can be customized length and width wise as per your choice.
  • Gold purity determines the price. You might be wondering How much does it cost to make a Cuban link chain? While checking out the price for the men’s Cuban chain.
  • The purity of gold is determined in the unit of karat.
  • Pure gold is of 24 karats. Cuban gold chain is available in 10 karats, 14 karats, or 18 karats. The higher the karat of the gold bigger the price it comes with.
  • The 18 karat gold chain comes with 75% of gold and the remaining other metal. !0 k gold chain contains less than 50% pure gold.

Check out some of our Miami Cuban Link Chains.

  1. 5mm Miami Cuban Link Chain
  1. 2.5 mm miami cuban link chain

How do you wear a Cuban link chain?

Men’s Cuban chain and Cuban jewelry can be crafted with gold, silver, platinum, etc. Mostly preferred best Cuban links in Miami are yellow gold. However rose gold where gold is added with copper and white gold when palladium or nickel, manganese are added to gold also has occupied significant liking in people's lifestyle.

I hope with this article you get your answer to How to choose Cuban Link Chain?

If you are still wondering with the doubt - should I buy a gold chain? Visit our online store. Laviticus has an exclusive design for cuban jewelry and necklace thickness charts that will help you choose the best cuban links in Miami.

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