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August 30, 2020 5 min read

Is it really a good day to start engagement ring shopping? Congratulation! A new life ahead!

Calls for a celebration! The very day brings along, heaps of lip-smacking delicacies, happiness and a big commitment for a lifetime in the evening twilight make your engagement moment highly momentous. A Special day becomes crazy and exciting when you gear up your proposal with a special engagement ring style.

It’s very fortunate to find out your soul mate but how to choose an engagement ring that fits your budget yet contented your loved one is an arduous task. One who doesn't purchase jewelry often may not be that proviso to end up buying the right one. You are reconnoitering with your pair or heading out to the jewelry shop unaccompanied. We have extensive Engagement Ring Guide to help you decide on an engagement ring. The steps can be overwhelming but with this guide, you can find the perfect fit.

  1. Decide the metal you want to go for:

Selecting the most appropriate valuable metal for engagement ring style may depend on certain points.

  • Ensure you have the best metal for the precious gem or solid gold engagement ring for her to complement and glow with your partner’s skin tone.
  • Consider the color of gem you are opting for the engagement ring for a man as generally white diamond goes well with all-metal type. Colored diamond radiate best in white gold or platinum. It is because the color of the diamond can contrast with the light color metal.
  • Each metal ring has different features and appearance. So durability and care may vary accordingly.
  1. Do a little research about the karat size comparing quality and price.

Before you head to shop and make a big purchase know a bit about a gold carat. This is a standard measurement unit for gold used to determine the purity of gold in the metal. Yellow gold white gold and rose gold all are measured on a magnitude of 24k, the highest possible carat. Have the carat size in mind. You may prefer a larger stone or a clear diamond for your spouse-to-be.

Color and carat of the gems always be twisted to fit the budget. Also, consult with your companion about his/her preference and choice in terms of the color of the diamond or gold and definitely the carat they like to go for. Because how to choose an engagement ring for your girlfriend is something that is going to express your emotion and help you connect strongly with your significant one.

A bonus tip on how to choose an engagement ring

Diamond price amplifies when they weigh the most desirable weight. For example, 0.5, 1, 1.5, etc. 0.92-carat diamonds will cost lesser than 1 carat and will now show much difference.

  1. Get the correct measure

One of the most obvious criteria to observe before you head for the best way to choose engagement ring shopping. A perfect measure ensures the ring will not cut off blood circulation with the tight fit jewelry. On the other hand, it will behave no risk of falling off.

You can size the engagement ring size and get snug but comfortable fitting decides on an engagement ring.

  1. Study the ring cuts and narrow down to one or two favorites in mind:

Let me put it point wise for your convenience:

  • If you believe you know what is her desire for the most significant sign of your love then hunting for the best engagement ring size to suit her mood becomes immensely easy.
  • Diamond cuts are available in variety and every cut has a different price per carat.
  • The most costly is the round cut diamond. Pear and marquise are less costly.
  • You can definitely opt for more carats without compromising your budget when choosing an alternative shape to the typical round cut.
  1. Investigate the certificate matches the gems

If you consider it as one of the most important investments for your healthy marriage life, take a little more time to shop smartly. Upon finding the solution for how to choose an engagement ring to suit your hand ensure you are plumping for a certified stone from accredited laboratory- American Gem Society or Gemmological Institute of America.

If you get certification from other labs there are most chances of getting an extravagant deal that is lower grade against higher price.

  1. Make a smart choice about quality and cut clarity

Remember the shape of the engagement ring

is going to move on his or her finger to every twist and turn and with a heartbeat. The diamond ring is the most aesthetic expression of your love and care for your spouse going to be. Jewelry has evolved through ages but the attraction for a diamond engagement ring for a man and woman seems never defuse. It should be something unique that can sparkle on his or her finger like her gorgeous, vibrant smile on her face forever.

You have the option of solitaire setting, bezel setting, eternity band, and the one you have a dream in your mind. Evaluate the diamond cutting based on how efficient it bounces light off from one verge to another. The perfect cutting adds up more brilliance to the engagement ring style.

  1. The selection point of view must ensure the most beautiful natural cutting is yours.

Buying tips for her:

  • Focus on the metal your fiancé always has a knack for.
  • Be wise to judge if he is fascinating to embellished one or a simple gold band.
  • Do you know depending on his profession which type of metal and design is suitable for his engagement ring style? So that he can keep your sign of love with him 24x7.
  • Most of all what can make him happy and match well with his personality and complexion.

Buying tips for him:

Same as her you need to consider all the aspects to make her happy on the very special day and proud of her decision on choosing the best life partner. Because it adds personality to your entire look, taste, and appearance.

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  1. No two diamond are same-the most alluring traits

This is also an important point to keep in mind while deciding how to choose an engagement ring. Diamond color is graded from D and the colorless is graded as the highest and rare one. It must be a wise step to consider going together for the couple ring shopping if you want to give her preference.

  1. Fix the engagement ring budget

You can have classic pieces mostly at any budget. Before you head to the thought ring for a man

how to choose an engagement ring for her

just take the time to consider the budget. Fix up what will not put a burden on your pocket. It will become easy to go for the guides on how to choose an engagement ring to suit your hand without compromising other significant expenses for the ceremony or the couple day out.

In Laviticus we take time to pursue unconditional beauty going beyond your expectation at reasonable cost. We individually select the gems against additional stern criteria to ensure the most beautiful design with pure quality can become your special gift for the significant one.

This faith comes from Laviticus’s exacting innovative design process that is so rigorous. That is why we have thousands of happy pairs to keep us inspired.

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