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How Much Does Diamond Grillz Cost?

Grillz are one of the awesome ways to make a first impression in a crowd so you can stand out of the crowd and be remembered for your keen sense of fashion and uniqueness. Mostly all the hottest artists prefer handmade jewellery.

Hip Hop industry has been influenced a lot by jewellery. All the famous rappers including Kanye West, Jay Z, Ludacris, Gucci Mane, Lil Jon, T-Pain, Diddy, Soulja Boy and even Lil Wayne are known for setting the trend in wearing grillz. While silver grillz and gold grillz look, good and are an awesome way to complement nearly any attire, there are just some instances that call for you to step up the bling to the next step.

This is where Diamond grillz step up. These are the most worn grillz. In this blog, we will see what kind of diamond grillz are available and how much diamond grillz cost.

What are diamond grillz?

Diamond grillz are an essential in modern day hip hop attire. Adding some swag and crispness to your mouth is the perfect way to get noticed. Accentuated for brilliance and shine, custom diamond grillz set the industry standard for excellence, made under the highest caliber of craftsmanship. Diamond grillz are made at a whooping 14k gold minimum, and are started mildly with a mold of your teeth for a custom made fit.

How many types of diamond grillz are there?

1) Diamond Cut Grillz:

Before you get any ideas, “diamond cut” does not refer to the material. The name suggests the diamond shape, in the geometry aspect (exactly known as the rhombus). That does not compulsorily make the grillz any less flashy. Really, they can really stand apart from the solid and pattern-free issues you usually see. The mix of the material creates a wonderful reflective scenario when light shines on them.

Custom Fitted Laviticus Tri-Color Diamond Cut/Dust W/Cz Fangs Grillz

2) Diamond Dust Grillz:

It is technically another subset in the diamond cut domain, rather than an item made from crushed gems. What makes it stand out is that it is an awesome, shiny finish to be applied over a set of grillz.

Sterling Silver Diamond Dust Grillz

3) Open Face Diamond Grillz:

This distinct type of gold grillz leaves much less room for confusion with its name. You should know about its more commonly used name, “outline grillz.” Instead of completely covering your teeth in gold, the design only covers the edges. And many more.

Gold Open Face Grillz with Diamonds (2 Teeth) Laviticus

Now addressing the question, How much does diamond grillz cost?.

The cost of the Diamond grillz may change depending on what a person wants. It depends on labor (diamond setting) and the material and quality of diamonds used. Real Diamond grillz are made in a similar way to solid gold grillz.

The only change is that most makers will make the gold grillz a little bit thicker so that they can add diamonds and other gemstones on top of the gold. If you do not make the grillz big enough, the diamonds will not be safe and will likely get out over time.

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When purchasing your set of diamonds grillz, you must decide on if you would like to use 10karat gold, 14karat gold, or 18karat gold. When adding diamonds to any jewelry, it is typically recommended to go with 14karat or 18karat or higher because the higher quality gold will add a brighter glow.

However, if you decide to go with 10karat you should still be happy with how beautiful your piece turns out. Grillz are mostly worn in New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Texas, Florida, Miami, Houston while Los Angeles leads the trend. Our handmade diamond grillz prices start from $400 upto $2600. If you want your grillz customized there are infinite possibilities click here. We hope you get all the information related to How Much Does Diamond Grillz Cost? Laviticus is a well-established company, specializing in Custom made Jewelry, Gold, Silver and Diamonds. Our Jewelries are on the cutting edge of Jewelry trends. We manufacture our own products ensuring that we offer our happy clients with the best prices available.

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