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August 17, 2020 7 min read

  1. What Are The Differences Between The Premade Grillz And The Custom Fitted Grillz?
    • Grillz are the specific dental accessories used for cosmetic purposes mostly for centuries. Sometimes it bears the medical needs replacing the decaying tooth. It gained popularity from hip hop icons but not limited to the celebrity use, the grillz culture has made a special appeal in the heart of common whoever could afford it. Whatever it so gold grillz is a symbol of affluence and jewellery that transform the personality of the wearer. Laviticus makes it affordable for all with a great price range for the latest design.
    • Grillz are available in two forms- pre-made grillz and custom made grillz.
    • Premade grillz are of standard size therefore sometimes look like a bulk external mouthpiece or a huge cap on your teeth.
    • Whereas custom fit grillz are made from the impression of your teeth. Therefore are far more comfortable in comparison to pre-made. The impression mold catches the shape and alignment of your teeth and helps in acquiring perfect fit gold teeth especially for your set of teeth which would enhance your appearance and put you under the limelight.

Laviticus has a wide range of trending designs for custom gold grillz to order online.

Recommend you to read this article to know the

difference between Premade Grillz & Custom Fitted Grillz.

  1. Should I get grillz?
    • Habits like smoking, drinking alcohol cause decaying of your original teeth. To protect your teeth either you give up these habits or consider wearing falsies made of precious metals. The false teeth will cover your original teeth and will help you go on with your habits. Apart from this the grillz or fronts are decorative swathes made of precious metals like gold or silver and usually encrusted with jewels.
    • The diamond grillz look helps you break the boredom of monotones look and flash your grillz smile to win over everyone’s heart. Laviticus has a range of grillz designs made of metals that are absolutely harmless for your dental health. Some of the grillz users have had to replace their original teeth with gold crowns to undeviating resemble teeth.
    • Some of the grillz users tried to attach their grillz with glue which is not intended for internal use and caused teeth damage.
    • Caution for grillz users :
    • Grillz made of non-precious metals may be a factor of causing irritation and metal allergic upshot. So better to go for good metals to maintain good oral health.
    • Removable grillz should be wear while going public or going out and not meant for 24*7.
    • Grillz users need to be extra cautious for regular brushing and flossing to prevent the damage factors.
    • Foodstuff trapped between the fronts can lead to bacteria and contribute to bad breath. So try to limit the grillz wearing time as much as possible.

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  1. How long can you wear grillz?

If you intend to get your teeth grillz consider discussing it with your dentist first. Using removable grillz for a long time is not a bit of good advice. Gold grillz definitely has its own trends but the pearly white smile is incomparable forever.


Many studies claim installing removable one should not exceed 4 hours at a time. Otherwise, with trapped foodstuff, it will become a breeding ground of bacteria and cause bad smell with decaying of your teeth. It is advisable not to use it while staying home and overnight.

Laviticus provides you user-friendly guidelines to maintain the long life of your gold grillz or diamond grillz along with the measures to care for your dental health.

  1. Can you drink water with a grill in your mouth?

To extend the life of the custom gold grillz it is always recommended not to eat or drink with them in. Though you can consider taking plain water while hanging with them, other drinks should be strictly avoided. This will prevent the grillz from being exposed to harmful chemicals, fluids, and heat and lead to a long life for the grillz.

Laviticus also provides you permanent grillz and guidelines to set it in if you give us the impression of your teeth.

  1. Why do rappers buy jewellery?

Though sound funny but many rappers use jewellery like expensive gold chains or diamond grillz to possess an asset to fall back to. It is believed that they get it with them so they can have the monetary advantage of the jewellery whenever they have a requirement. Many of the rappers often faced trouble when arrested and put into prison. Police can snatch their cash but not their personal belongings.

Some other reasons can be considered as good reason as their knack for jewellery are

    • The rap culture is mostly about ostentation and the obnoxious stereotype is it's a domain of show-off to maintain image and fan following.
    • Many believe it is not about being rich but to appear rich to seek attention and maintain popularity. So it becomes necessary to show off affluence which can be done by exhibiting precious jewellery like gold grillz, diamond grillz, gold rope chains, etc pieces to flaunt their wealth.
    • It is about appearance, a palpable display of their non-reusable income.
    • Some flaunt their expensive trinkets for self-promotion.

Laviticus has a catalog of trending and contemporary jewellery to order from.

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  1. Who started the grill trend?

One of the prominent hip hop figures of the 80's Raheem the Dream and Kilo Ali flaunt grillz smiles. Since then it has become a part of rap culture. Many believe rap legend Slick Rick set up gold grillz culture at the end of the '80s. Eddie Plein from New York and owner of Eddie's Gold teeth is attributed to fetching grillz trends in New York.

Eddie made gold caps for the popular rapper of the era Flavor Flav and later outfitted star rappers of New York, Big Daddy Kane and Kool G. Rap. Kanye West unveils diamond-encrusted grillz during his first TV interview on “The Ellen Degeneres Show”.

Nelly is credited for making common flocks grillz aware shortly after he gave up his Grillz song by the end of 2005.

Get your sparkling grillz smile at the most affordable price from Laviticus. We can ship to you anywhere like Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana, Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Vegas, or other parts in the world.

  1. Are grills bad for your teeth?

Grillz aren't always causing harm to your oral health. But due to certain reasons, it can hurt your oral health. Below are the certain measures you need to be careful of.

    • If permanent grillzs are poorly fitted may lead to injury in the interior part of your lip where the grillz touch in your mouth.
    • The grillz can also rub across the teeth causing damage to the enamel.
    • If food particles get stuck between the grillz teeth it may become the breeding ground of bacteria.
    • Some cheap materials also may irritate the surrounding tissues.
    • The acid may cause tooth decaying.

You can trust Laviticus for a genuine product with good quality metal, proper instructions to install it. All you can do to escape any harm from gold grillz is to limit the usage by not more than 4 hours at a time. Avoid eating when putting it in.

  1. Can you smoke with grillz in your mouth?

We do not encourage smoking with gold grillz. Still, if you can't help it we advise you to have grills of superior quality like 18 or 24 karat gold to preclude frequent polishing and tarnishing of the metal. With proper care and maintenance, you can have a long life for the gold grillz.

  1. How Long Do The Grillz Last?

The lasting period of gold grillz, silver grillz, or diamond grillz mostly depends on the way you are using it, caring, and maintaining it. We advise you to go for good quality metal to maintain dental health when you have your teeth grillz. Consider the following preventive measures to care for your fronts to have them last for a life-long.

    • Grills are mainly for novelty purposes so caring for them is also required in that fashion.
    • Removable gold caps are mostly clipped with your teeth. Avoid consuming, drinking, or sleeping with the grillz on your teeth.
    • Clean the mouthpiece daily to confiscate bacterial and food fragments.
    • Prohibit from using chemical jewellery cleaners or any other products which are hazardous to ingest
    • You can also follow cleansing methods prescribed by Laviticus for long last of the grillz-

1. Soak the gold grillz in warm water.
2. Tenderly brush the teeth with a mild brush having soft bristles.
3. Rinse and soak in hydrogen peroxide for 5 minutes.
4. Gently brush the grillz.
5. Now dry it with a soft piece of cloth.

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  1. How do I place an order?

The gold grillzs are in trend now as not a typical jewellery but an accessory that creates a fashion statement.

To order online the most convenient method is

    • Choose a fashionable gold cap, silver grillz, or diamond grillz from our online catalogue containing the most trending design. We also provide custom made gold grillz as per your specification.
    • We ensure that you get delivery of the custom made grillz right at home.
    • With the confirmation for a design, we will ship your mold to get your teeth impression.
    • We will also send you a mold kit with guidelines to get your task of getting teeth impression convenient and smooth for you.
    • Though the guidelines are self-sufficient to get your teeth impressed all by yourself you can see the YouTube video to get a practical idea or pay a visit to the nearest dentist to ensure things are done perfectly.
  • Send it back to us and don't worry about being out of state or country. It is our responsibility to help you opt for your fashion accessories right at your postal address.
  1. Do you offer Discounts?

We believe in the best quality at a reasonable price. You can find the difference when you will get access to the final product. We know you will also agree with us that good quality always comes for a fair price.

Still, all our permanent grillz and removable grills are affordable and economic in comparison to the quality of the metal and design. As the grillz are mouth jewellery we do not compromise with the quality of material and always deliver the best for you.

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