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Does Wearing Grillz and Gold Chain Cause Good Fortune for American rapper Kanye West? Will Election 2020 in the USA be in the Favour of Kanye West?

Now answer to these questions will be resolved with time till November 2020. But before we get into the point lets know about the celebrity in brief. 

Who is Kanye West?

Multi-talented American rapper Kanye West is a popular American rapper, singer, song author,   musician, record producer. With his versatile flair, he also set a footprint in the entrepreneurship world and fashion designing domain.  In short, he is one of the living legend and inspiration of many experts from several domains. 

What is Kanye West real name? 

Full name Kanye Omari West was born on June 8, 1977, in #Atlanta, #Georgia, U.S.

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Kanye got a life-changing break in the year of 2000 when he started record producing journey for mainstream artists on Roc-A-Fella record. With a vision to establish a solo career and get recognition as a rapper, Kanye made his first appearance in his debut album the college Dropout in 2004 which achieved critical and commercial success and initiative. He has experimented with an array of record label Good Music. and His efforts came to attain recognition and are often credited with stimulating Jay-Z's career with his contribution to the rap mogul's leading 2001 album The Blueprint.

As life partner Kanye has chosen a multi-tasking talented personality as his spouse.  He has tied the knot in the year of 2014 with Kimberly Noel  Kardashian who is an American media personality, socialite, model, businesswoman.

Coming to his professional life and achievements, he is considered one among the world's best-selling music artists with around 140 million records sold across the world. He has a great number of fan following and most awarded artists of all time winning 21 Grammy award.

Album portfolio: Some path-breaking popular album contains bestselling The college Dropout, Jesus is King, Yeezus, Late Registra

Some of the high profile concert tours are Saint Pablo Tour, Vertigo Tour, Glow in the dark tour

His net worth is calculated around $147 million. Kanye West owns Yeeze brand's outright but by contract, it is tied to Adidas. With 1.2 billion brand value Yeezys played a significant role to make Kanye a billionaire. As per Forbes's statement, the rapper and fashion tycoon Kanye Waste officially declared as a billionaire. His Yeezy sneaker tied up with Adidas is one of the greatest retail stores of the millennium. As per Forbes Kanye received royalties approx 15 percent of the Yeezy's revenue. Forbes magazine mentioned Yeezy makes the largest part of the billionaire's pie estimating $21 million in land investment, $17 million cash holdings, $35 million stocks holding, and $81 million in buildings and improvements. The music icon publicized partnership with Jacob Arabov (aka, Jacob the jeweller) together they manufactured a line of gold pendant necklaces. The real gold collection of this brand collaboration bring Necklace Chain Gold, Necklace Chain for Men, Gold Franco Chain, Rope Chain, Tennis Chain, Miami Cuban Necklace and other 

Gold Jewelry.

In an interview with Vogue American rapper, Kanye West said he wanted to create something that represents timeless love. Getting your hands on some of these Kanye’s special gold jewellery isn’t easy. As the collaboration pieces are quite expensive. So to meet your desire Laviticus has the array of all varieties form the assortment with lucrative price offer. You can boast of your gold accessories collection that isn’t without Kanye’s special designer gold jewellery. Just pick from our best selling range and get hassle-free online delivery of the genuine piece.

Kanye West is recently spotted sparkling diamond smile with Diamond Grillz Teeth  

Dr.Layliev from New York Center of Cosmetic  Dentistry commented about Kanye West diamond teeth that either Kanye has the real tooth structure underneath or he has implants that are not diamond or gold grillz. 

The great American rapper Kanye West surprised all his fans like you and me by announcing on Twitter triggering a social media storm on American independence day that he is going to compete in the Election 2020 in the USA. But there is no confirmation till now if he has filed any documentation to appear US Election 2020. 

Kanye is unlikely to challenge Donald Trump for the US presidential election 2020 candidates listing.

Probably after the billionaire business person and TV star Donald Trump won the highest authority in the White House in 2016 it was destined and written in the stars Kim Kardashian as the first lady of America.

Supported by Elon Musk, the chief executive officer of Tesla A West- Musk ticket isn't expected in the US Election 2020.

Kanye has developed a great admiration for Trump by the same time dream to make America Great Again that reflects in his accessories.

Trump also has replied when asked about Kanye West's win over the White House is as simple as " Could very well be". Kanye believes all they have is today so pleaded to stop worrying about the future and live today in the best possible way.

Let us just see if Wearing Grillz and chains are lucky for Kanye? If  Election 2020 in the USA will be in favor of Kanye?

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