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August 17, 2020 4 min read

What is Grillz?

Grills are ornamental covers to snap over one or multiple teeth mostly to catch the fancy of spectators. Different types of grillz also known as grills or fronts enhance the demeanour of the wearer.

Most of the gold, silver, or jewel-encrusted grillzs are removable but some fellows have their real teeth amended with gold crowns to permanently bear a resemblance to grillz. I have heard people saying just as the grills of a car creates a shining point in the front part of a vehicle similarly a signature grillz smile is a shining point of attraction on the face of the wearer. Some of the grillz users try to fix their grills with an adhesive which are not meant for internal use. This is something detrimental resulting in damaging teeth and tissue. This isn’t advisable.

There are studies that state types of grills teeth made of inexpensive metals cause irritation and metal allergic reaction. Started with hip hop celebrity the grillz fashion isn’t limited to rappers and screen idols. Different types of bottom grillz smile glint in common faces and give a celebrity like impression.

Looking for the Contemporary Types of Grillz?

  1. Pre-made Grillz

Pre-made gold grillz are mainly cosmetic and decoration purposes and cannot serve the purpose of replacement for the pearl white real teeth or filling broken teeth. Pre-made grills are of standard size with the fit for all features and comparatively cheap.

You don't need to obtain the impression of your teeth when opting for pre-made grillz. Sometimes it looks bulky on your face as not made exactly for your set of teeth. If you can compromise with your budget only little bit consider custom-made grillz to demonstrate your charming demeanor.

Know theDifference Between Premade Grillz & Custom Grillz
  1. Custom Made Grillz

Custom-fit grillz collections are specially meant for your set of teeth from the impression of your teeth. Depending on the style you want to flaunt your appearance choose from our online catalog of types of grillz teeth.

In Laviticus we are more than concern about your comfort and flawless products that bring us pride and patron from places like Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana, Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Vegas or anywhere in the world.

For custom fit grillz we will ship you the impression mold kit with DIY instruction to get your impression. To get more practical ideas you can browse for our video demonstrating the same. Not the least you can visit your nearest dentist to get it done with extreme expert touch. On getting it successfully you just need to ship the mold kit back to us. Rest leave on us for flawless diverse types of bottom grillz.

Get it to deliver right at your postal address. As we produce the grillz perfectly matches your impression so request you to be extra careful to opt for the impression.

We specialize in a different custom fitted gold grillz and offer the most competitive price without compromising with the quality. We guarantee to provide you the best material that is worth its value.

  • Custom fitted gold grillz (Custom Gold Grillz)
Custom fitted gold grillz

Rappers are occasionally revealed with impressive varieties of gold grillz to showcase their riches. Fortunately, Laviticus is proffering different types of cuts for grillz for a great price at your doorstep within a few business day shipping. Accessorizing your male personality with a custom-fitted gold grillz will be the perfect final touch to your get-up without breaking your wallet.

Our DIY guidelines with the product can be custom fitted easily at home and don't consume much of your time. The fame of the hip hop artists rises high with the time and along with that their accessories also gain huge popularity.

Gold grillz have been in existence for centuries and have always been related with status and luxury. Celebrities to girls and boys next door, gold grillz smiles are everywhere. It’s now the most modern jewellery trend in fashion industries inspired by Paul Wall, Nelly, Kanye West. Investing in yourself for a gorgeous appearance will ultimately make you happy.

custom-fit-gold-diamond-open-face-grillz Custom Fitted Laviticus Yellow Gold Nugget Grillz


Sterling silver custom made grillz (Silver Grillz)

Generally hard-hitting by nature these custom-fitted are full of luster and gleam from every angle. Laviticus has an array range of designs available with silver, 14k gold plating, in rose gold, or yellow gold. We ensure the quality of metal which provides value for a customer. The better the karat the safest the different types of grillz cuts for smokers to use.

Want to make a statement? Wrap your smile with sparkling customized silver grillz. Investing in karat stamped custom silver grillz with diamond cut will make your best impression on your girlfriend. Our custom made sterling silver grillz snap into the right position to give you the best charming look with a comfortable feeling.

Custom Fitted Laviticus .925 Sterling Silver GrillzSterling Silver diamond Dust Grillz

Silver Diamond Dust Fangs, Grillz teeth with Back BarOpen Face Silver Grillz


Diamond encrusted custom fitted grillz

Diamond has been always a point of affection for jewellery lovers. Sparkling diamond smile is like a dream for teens, why teens only, I know my neighbour down the lane turned into 40 having craze for different types of diamond grillz.

Remember Diamond encrusted gold grillz symbolize success and progress! Get the diamond encrusted grills customised for your teeth. We have invested decades of efforts to make our reputation as one of the best diamond grillz manufacturers to make your grillz sparkle like the precious gem on Nelly’s smile. We are revolutionizing the process of diamond encrusted gold grillz manufacturing process and cuts of the jewels to maintain the highest quality standard.

Custom Fitted Laviticus Gold Princess Diamond Deep Cut Grillz Custom Fitted Laviticus Yellow Gold Nugget Grillz


With the changing fashion every day we revise our catalog with a fresh new design that will tempt you and confuse you enough to choose from. Having queries to ensure the safety of using grillz? We have ready solutions to some of the common doubts for new grillz users. Explore our Grillz FAQ section to resolve your doubts.

You can reach us through the mail if having more doubts and questions regarding the safe use of grillz to enhance your look.

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