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August 17, 2020 4 min read

The craze ofGrillz evolves in the vicinity of centuries back when it was counted as pricy accessories.The difference between premade grillz and custom gold Grillz was not much taken into account then.Ancient rulers and wealthy fellow make use ofDiamond dust grillz andgold grillz to show off their affluent lifestyle.

In the recent past, these grills are very trendy dental accessories. It gained maximum popularity when well-liked hip hop icons of rap industries Jay Z and Kanye West use them in many of their events. You may have heard about widely popularPaul Wall grillz culture with the up-gradation in the hip hop rap industry.  Later many other non-hip hop stars spotted with these accessories. And the signaturegrillz smile flows down from celebrities on the red carpet to the local civilian of American provinces display the fortune and status symbol.

But there is a doubt in everyone’s mind.

 Are the gold teeth worn by Native Americans real or fake?

Never mess withthe difference between premade grillz and customgold grillz And Here’s The Reason Why.

Now there are two types ofgold grillz available in the market. One is the pre-made grillz and other is customgold grillz. If you haven't used it before you may think  there is no big difference. But the fact is most of the pre-made grillz aren’t made of pure gold. Mostly they are made of either stainless steel or brass with a gold or silver coating to give the glossy appearance. Now there are some pros and cons for the pre-made dental accessories.

Which you must consider vigilantly to make a sensible decision.

Pros of pre-made grillz

  • Pre-madegrillz are available in standard size so there is no requirement for an impression of your teeth. 
  • Due to standard size, it's fit in the mouth of most of the people.
  • What you need to do is just purchase a mouthpiece and set it over your teeth.
  • As pre-madegrillz are mostly made of semi-precious metal like 925 sterling silver, jeweler's brass, stainless steel and the outer is then coated with red gold, rose gold, black gold or rhodium, the price is comparatively cheap. 
  • If taken well care there is less chance of getting tarnish or fade within a few use (but no guarantee in long run).

Cons of pre-madegrillz

  • The decorative covers are fragile and need frequent polishing.
  • The lower karat ofgold grillz will tarnish faster when eating or smoking.
  • The acid or inexpensive metal used in the fronts can cause tooth decay and damage gum tissues.
  • The pre-made grillz looks fake even from distance and fails to put good impression by turn down your appearance.
  • They look bulky in tour mouth as the standard size of pre-made grillz are not meant for all.
  • As it is not customized according to your teeth, may not withstand fine-tuning, and cause discomfort during mouth activity.

We value quality and your comfort first so offer a range of custom gold grillz. Though expensive than pre-made but customized gold dental bling has numerous pros in comparison to the other one. 

We at Laviticus produce the best quality custom gold grillz and offer the most competitive price. Let's have a glance at the pros and cons ofcustom-fitted grillz made by us.

 Pros of customgold grillz

  • We produce grillz from pure gold or silver, custom diamond, and encrusted diamond and guarantee the quality.
  • Our yellow gold products are manufactured by yellow gold of 10karat, 14karat, or 18karat.White gold grillze available in 10karat or 14karat white gold. 
  • To confirm the authenticity all our custom silver, yellow gold,White gold grillz, and Diamond dust grillz have stamp at the back. 
  • We offer an array of carat choices for all our customgold Grillz. Please note the lower carat number determine a lesser amount of gold used in the product. 
  • As our products are made of pure gold and silver, they don’t tarnish or fade if prescribed care guidelines are followed.
  • We produce custom-fitted grizzle with an impression of your teeth so with good fit it ensures comfortability. 

Cons of customgold grillz

  • We use pure metal so if consider from a price point it's little higher than pre-made.
  • Custom gold teeth conclude with the crucial fitting process so It may take a little longer time to receive the product. 
  • Custom fittedgrizzle has a little lengthy and tedious process but the outcome in the form of grizzle smile on your face is extra special. 

Considering all aspects it’s worth to invest little extra for the fashion and charm you are going to put on view wearing customgold grizzle

You can enquire and order for the most stylish fashion accessory from  Laviticus as per your choice from our online catalog. We are open to designgrillz for you if you have some unique design in your mind and make sure the finished product will be a perfect match for your personality.

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