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June 25, 2020 3 min read

Grillz, bring into vogue by rappers as significant exhibit component for aesthetic. Since thencelebrities wearing grillz and blinging out to capture the heart of millions is a common sight. 

     Hollywood celebs Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Madonna are clicked blazing their gold anddiamond teeth grillz.Who among the grillz lover doesn’t secretly aspire to get personalities likecelebrities wearing grillz?

    I believe if you are reading this post you have a craze forCelebs Who've Worn Grills.

    Here I’m going to share secrets from an expert about celebrities wearing grillz...and with a try you can be the certain

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    1. Miley Cyrus

      Miley Cyrus

      Winning millions of hearts "We can't stop" singer own three different pricey dental accessories. She called her favorite one as "chill girl". It is made of gold. She has been clicked several times with the falsies covering the bottom teeth.

    2. Rihanna


      She has been blinged-out several times with thegrillz made of gold. The design is unique like an AK -47 gun. She was also photographed wearing her shining plain silver falsies

    3. Lady Gaga

      Lady Gaga

      The Russian Rose Gold Vampire Grillz is famous since Gaga put it on and set a trend ofCelebrities Wearing Grillz for grillz lovers. In one of her interviews, she had mentioned it was her early birthday present from her better half.

    4. Katy Perry

      Katy Perry

      Her fans hardly forget her image dressed in skin-tight embellished leopard printed costume sparkling a customized diamond-encrusted grillz reading “Roar”.

    5. Ryan Lochte

      Ryan Lochte

      The spirited Olympic gold medallist swimmer made fairly a splash when captured star and stripes diamond grillz. The dental accessories had been custom made exclusively by rapper and admiredCelebrity Grills specialist
      Paul Wall and jeweler Johnny Dang.

    6. Madonna


      Who not know among the queen of pop’s fans about her grillz smile. To rule millions heart she sported diamond-encrusted teeth all over Europe. People go crazy when beauty expresses her fondness for Grillz. TheseCelebrities Wearing Grillz is custom – made and add jewelry look to the overall appearance

      CheckGold Diamond Open Face Grillz

    7. Nelly

      The trend ofCelebs With Teeth Grills reset when the rapper set the trend and reach your heart through the Grammy Nominated song" Grillz.

    8. Brooke Hogan

      Brooke Hogan

      Her charming smile is rocked and embellished with her bejeweled mouthpiece.

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    I know if you are with me till now you want to give a try but have some questions in your mind, right?

    Let me try to solve your doubt:


    1. Do permanent gold teeth hurt?

      If you take the help of professional dental artists, they follow the proper process of installing gold teeth which is usually painless. You should be capable of getting your bedazzled choppers in a short time. Here shaving your teeth for gold teeth is a considerable factor to get your gold teeth fit perfectly and will not compromise with the strength of your teeth. All you required to undergo a painless process is a professional touch. Then enjoy your new green look with sparkling gold teeth.

    2. Are permanent gold teeth safe?
      Are you bore of your same looks and thinking of getting set or single gold teeth for yourself to impress your partner? Let me tell you apart enhancing your personality as celebrities with permanent gold teeth it is better for your oral health. There is less chance of tooth decaying with bacteria. You will be safe from metal allergy caused disease bleeding gums or nerve problems. Obviously, you need to maintain proper oral hygiene to stay far from any side effects. You need to follow proper guidelines for regular use of gold grills or diamond teeth grillz to ensure not to put your oral health at risk.

    3. How Much Does Permanent gold teeth cost?
      Now coming to the cost and affordability. Always give priority to the material, out of which the grillz is made up of. Laviticus is a reputable source, you can trust for getting your customized 14k gold grillz at affordable price. The average cost for gold teeth starts from approx $1000 to $1200. The cost will increase with higher karat. Within $5000 you can expect a full top and bottom front set of gold teeth.

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